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  • The Music of Language

    There are a lot of things in common between music and language.  For music to make any sense it has to obey rules of rhythm and expression and exactly the[…]

  • Learning to read

    You may not remember how you learnt to read.  I was of the “Janet and John” generation, when reading was a question of looking at the pictures and recognizing words. […]

  • English in Europe, Spanish in the world

    Among the many consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Community, an important issue is the status of the English language.  At the moment English is the co-official common EU[…]

  • I’ve always been a bit thick

    “I was never any good at school” has been said to me many times.  It doesn´t matter how long ago it was, and in many cases we’re talking about nearly[…]

  • Filling the gaps

    Amongst a number of things we struggle with when learning Spanish, there is the problem that occurs when a different number of words is needed in both languages to say[…]


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