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  • A means to an end

    Language is one of the basic tools that we humans use to survive.  As we are social animals we need language to communicate with each other and deal with the[…]

  • Globish

    Globish is actually the trademarked name for kind of simplified version of the English language which has been developed for the use of non-native English speakers when communicating with each[…]

  • The History of the Spanish Language (part four)

    Before we leave this fascinating subject, we should look in more detail at an official organisation which has been of central importance to the Spanish language for the last 300[…]

  • The History of the Spanish Language (part three)

      During the Middle Ages there were a number of pronunciation changes to the Spanish language including variations in the “s”, “z” and “th” range of sounds.  The characteristic lisping[…]

  • The History of the Spanish Language (part two)

    In the early eighth century the Iberian Peninsula was invaded by the Moors who crossed over from North Africa.  They rapidly conquered most of the territory, and this initial expansion[…]


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