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  • Volume

    Strangely enough, in all my years of language teaching, using text books and studying theory, I have never come across a single reference to the issue of volume.  I think[…]

  • Context

    Real language always belongs to a real context.  A problem for all language teachers is that their work, to a greater or lesser extent, extracts language from its context and[…]

  • Empathy

    Empathy is the ability to identify with the feelings or point of view of another person: in other words to put oneself into someone else’s shoes.  We start off life[…]

  • Muscle Memory

    There is a language teaching method called “Total Physical Response” which requires students to respond physically to instructions.  I’ve never quite seen how this can go very far beyond “stand[…]

  • How Bad is your Memory?

    Before I go any further, mine is appalling.  Like a lot of people, I sometimes wonder whether I am at the early stages of Alzheimer´s, I get embarrassed because I[…]


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