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  • Spanish languages

    As you perhaps know, there are six official languages in Spain.  The one we generally teach and which is referred to as Spanish (español) is in fact Castilian Spanish (castellano)[…]

  • Culturally specific terms

    All language learners at some point have to come to grips with the fact that there are words and concepts in one language that simply do not have an equivalent[…]

  • Initials and acronyms

    Acronyms are the words we make out of initials.  Often they are similar in English and Spanish, but we may fail to recognise them in their spoken form.   For instance,[…]

  • First names

    We don’t often think about it as part of the language, but we frequently come across people’s first names in Spanish, and it helps to have some idea about them.  […]

  • Place names

    It´s always interesting, or at least it is to me, to find out about the origin of place names.  Sometimes these are lost in the mists of time, but many[…]


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