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  • Word Order

    One of the hardest things about learning a foreign language is coming to terms with differences in word order. This is particularly difficult for those of us who were brought[…]

  • Building Bridges

    When we talk to others we make unconscious adjustments to our speech to communicate.  Without even thinking about it, we always simplify and slow down our language when we speak[…]

  • Understandable English

    However good our Spanish is, there may well be moments when we need to express ourselves in English to a Spanish speaker whose English is better than our Spanish.   If[…]

  • Language families

    Nearly all the languages in the world belong to families.  Many hundreds or even thousands of years ago it seems that there were some original languages common to mankind which[…]

  • Conversational norms

    When we hold a conversation with someone there are all sorts of unwritten rules about the correct way to proceed.  It is not just a question of putting words together[…]


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