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  • Tone of Voice

    You may not be aware of how many times you’ve understood what someone has said, not because you’ve heard the words, but because you have recognized the tone, or music,[…]

  • Individual Speech Styles

    When we start to study a new language it is inevitable that we first learn set phrases that will be useful for us in our everyday lives.  In my beginners[…]

  • Different language skills

    Most language classes consist of exercising a variety of skills.  These are often reduced to the labels “reading, writing, speaking and listening”.  If you think about these four basic language[…]

  • Body language

    As well as the conventional type of language consisting of the sounds we make through our mouths, there is another kind of language which can communicate just as much, namely[…]

  • Role of emotion

    No doubt if you’ve been learning Spanish you have had the experience of spending hours trying to memorize things that just won’t “go in” and probably you’ve come across certain[…]


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